House rebukes outburst against Obama

Joe Wilson says he's tired of saying sorry

They are two words that, for the last week, have been the talk of Washington, DC: “You lie.” Now, the congressman who shouted them at President Barack Obama, South Carolina Republican, Joe Wilson – has received his official comeuppance. On Tuesday, the House formally rebuked Wilson for a “breach of decorum” which “degraded the proceedings of the joint session.” Republicans insist Democrats are using the incident to distract from the health care debate. But Democrats counter that it all could have been avoided if Wilson had just taken the floor to apologize, something he refused to do, saying Obama had already accepted a personal apology made last week. Even Mr. Wilson’s wife, Roxanne, is ready to put this mess behind her. In a video posted on her husband’s campaign website, she admits that after Obama speech, she asked her husband, “Who’s the nut that hollered out, ‘You lie or you liar?'” Since the episode, Mr. Wilson and his Democratic challenger have each raised more than $1 million in campaign funds.

New York Times

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