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I [heart] The Point


It’s protest season in Montreal these days. Thousands of students have gone on strike, furious that their absurdly cheap tuition is going to be a little less absurdly cheap. Daycare workers just settled with the provincial government. So it was with a sense of righteous pride that my Pointe St Charles brethren noisily took to the streets this morning to protest the closing… of a liquor store.

From CJAD:

About thirty Pointe St-Charles area residents, some with children in tow, marched from their neighbourhood SAQ outlet to the riding office of their MNA, Marguerite Blais, to draw attention to their concern: that the SAQ will follow through with the planned closure of the liquor outlet at the corner of Center and Charlevoix.

The Pointe has a fine tradition of grassroots institutions: its community clinic; a decent farmer’s market that doesn’t soak its customers, à la Marché Atwater; a great community theatre. To lose any would be sad, to say the least.

But folks: it’s a friggin’ liquor store. And you can buy beer at the dep. Maybe leave the kids at home when you’re protesting its closure, at the very least?

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