Identity of mystery kissing couple revealed -

Identity of mystery kissing couple revealed

Family identifies Australian man and Canadian girlfriend as now-famous couple caught in embrace during Vancouver riot


The identities of the couple captured kissing on a Vancouver street as rioters and police surrounded them after the Stanley Cup final have been revealed. The photo of Australian Scott Jones, 29, and his Canadian girlfriend Alexandra Thomas locked in an embrace quickly went viral Thursday, a sweet reprieve from the photos and videos of thousands of angry Vancouver fans trashing the city’s downtown after Boston defeated the Canucks 4-0 Wednesday night. Jones’ sister, Hannah, first identified her brother as the man in the photo to an Australian news network. Thomas had apparently been knocked down by a riot police officer’s shield, and Alex kissed her while comforting her. Vancouver photographer Rich Lam says he didn’t realize what he had taken a picture of until he sent his photos to his editors.

Toronto Star

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