If I were running the Harper war room...

…I’d throw myself into traffic.

But before I did, I’d do the following so that my leader would know I didn’t die in vain:

I’d go down to Kinko’s and order up a novelty-sized cheque written out to the receiver-general for $10.4 million, the exact amount the Conservatives harvested from Elections Canada for the per-vote subsidy. (Hat tip to Globe for the lovely graphic.) Then I’d tell someone pithy and deadly serious—like, say, Stephen Harper—to stand in front of the thing at a press conference and have him say something like:

“We believe that paying parties for their supporters’ votes is a waste of taxpayer money. We don’t believe in it, so we’re giving it back. The Liberals brought in this wasteful policy. Does Michael Ignatieff  have the courage to do the same as us? Does the Bloc? Does the NDP?”

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