Iggy and out?

Tories concerned about a potential fundraising infraction by the Liberals; call for review

After spending the better part of last year defending his party against allegations that they overshot the advertising spending limit during the 2006 election, Pierre Poilievre was only too happy to alert the watchdogs at Elections Canada of a potential infraction by the Liberals. The Ottawa Citizen reports that Poilievre has passed along a pre-convention fundraising e-mail from party president elect Alf Apps that seems to encourage potential donors to give twice — once to the party, once to Ignatieff’s leadership campaign — by pointing out that any “surplus” leadership funds will revert to the party. Ignatieff’s office, however, has distanced itself from the letter, as well as the claim that his campaign is already running a surplus. Poilievre, however, doesn’t seem to be buying that: in his letter to the election commissioner, he says the letter raises “serious concerns”.

Ottawa Citizen

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