Iggy gets some pop from his American friends

Long-time pal Rae, however, says he would have won Liberal leadership race in a broader election

Precious few people would rate a profile in the New York Times after being acclaimed opposition leader in Canada. But a piece that ran in Sunday Styles yesterday offers a reminder how influential Michael Ignatieff was in international public policy circles before he bequeathed his considerable talents on the Liberals. It also reminds us how aware Ignatieff is of his own greatness: apparently, he’s been lamenting, in a self-deprecating fashion, in emails to his friends “how dull and low-profile his life had suddenly become” since returning to the frozen backwater. The piece also has an interesting quote from Bob Rae: “My feeling was that Michael had the support of the small and influential group of party officials who were voting—these were special, last-minute circumstances—but that if it had been a broader election throughout the party, I’d have won.”

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