Ignatieff to Harper: Fire Guergis

Liberal leader suggests cabinet minister is "lying" about letters

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff didn’t hold back in condemning Status of Women minister Helena Guergis earlier Wednesday. Ignatieff accused the Ontario MP of coordinating the letter-writing campaign that had Guergis’s staffers sending anonymous letters of praise about the junior minister to newspapers and magazines (like Maclean’s). “If they have someone make up little letters in my book that’s lying,” Ignatieff said. “And then pretending that you didn’t really have anything to do with it, it was all the staff—that’s lying a second time.” Ignatieff has called on Stephen Harper to fire the junior minister, saying Guergis is not “worthy of the confidence of Canadians.” Along with drawing the ire of members of the opposition, Guergis has reportedly also become alienated from some members of the Conservative caucus after a string of scandals that included a now-infamous tantrum in a P.E.I. airport.

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