Ignatieff's French villa no Versailles

But Liberals expect Tories to target "three bed, two bath" cottage

According to the description provided by Michael Ignatieff’s staff, it’s just a “modest” home—”a pleasant summer place” that wouldn’t be out of place in the cottage country of Muskoka. But as the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor reports, when it comes to real estate, the only thing that really matters is location, location, location—and that, it turns out, is what could make the three bed/two bath Provence pied-a-terre an “irresistible” target for the Tories during the next election. Not only does it reinforce the “Just Visiting” meme deployed against the Liberal leader by the party’s spring ad campaign—although according to OLO staff, Ignatieff eschewed his traditional summer visit this year—but a “villa in France” also plays into the notion that he’s about as far from an ordinary Canadian as one can get. Although the Tories are staying mum on their plans for the next campaign, Ignatieff spokesperson Jill Fairbrother told the Citizen that it “would be in keeping with their M.O. so far” to “spend millions of dollars to disparage the opposition hoping to draw attention away from the fact they are a bad government.”

Ottawa Citizen