International students win class-action lawsuit against Toronto college

TORONTO – A group of international business students who came from as far away as China to complete a program at a Toronto college has won a lawsuit over a misleading course description.

The students spent thousands of dollars in tuition only to find that George Brown College couldn’t confer the industry designations it mentioned in the course calendar.

The graduate students launched a class-action lawsuit against George Brown and an Ontario Superior Court judge agreed that the course description was negligent misrepresentation.

The amount the college must pay will be determined at a later hearing.

The description said the program “provides students with the opportunity to complete” industry certifications, but the program only prepared students to pursue the designations later if they wanted — at more cost to them.

Judge Edward Belobaba wrote in his decision that George Brown is a highly regarded college and the ruling shouldn’t change that, but in this case it was “careless and made a mistake.”

About 239,000 full-time international students attended Canadian colleges and universities last year.
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