Iranian nuclear scientist returns home -

Iranian nuclear scientist returns home

U.S. dismisses claims that Shahram Amiri was kidnapped or held against his will


An Iranian nuclear scientist who claims he was kidnapped by U.S. agents a year ago received a hero’s welcome when he returned to Tehran early Thursday morning. The scientist, Shahram Amiri, added details to his claims that he had been abducted by the CIA and Saudi intelligence officers on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in June 2009. At a news conference held immediately upon his arrival, Amiri said he had no connection to Iran’s nuclear program and claimed he was the victim of an American conspiracy to commit “psychological warfare” against Iran. Amiri told reporters he had been offered $10 million to say on CNN that he had arrived in the United States to seek asylum. He said that just before his departure for Iran, he was offered $50 million and the chance for a new life in a European country of his choosing if he decided to stay. The U.S. has dismissed Amiri’s claims, saying he defected to the U.S. on his own free will and was free to leave the country at any time.

New York Times

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