Is Google too powerful?

Latest move sparks concern

If you’re a tech company bent on world domination, Gary Reback isn’t someone you want working against you. The Silicon Valley lawyer spearheaded opposition to Microsoft’s dominance in the 1990s and helped spark the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against the company. So the brass at Google probably aren’t thrilled to see Reback popping up all over the place and raising unpleasant questions about its iron grip on the Internet. As he told the Wall Street Journal: “People don’t understand just how déjà vu this is.” For Google, which still clings tightly to the claim that it does no evil, the timing is awkward. On Tuesday Google launched its latest volley against the Redmond giant, announcing Google Chrome, its free operating system meant to take on Microsoft Windows. “They have so much market power, you’ve got to be concerned that they’ll use that power in a way others can’t compete with,” he says.

Los Angeles Times

The Wall Street Journal