Is Julia Roberts "Hollywood ancient"?

Story contends that time has passed the actress by

Just as Julia Roberts is poised for a triumphant big screen comeback in “Duplicity,” a romantic thriller co-staring Clive Owen,  Newsweek reports her box-office reign as America’s sweetheart is over.  The article, which has sparked outrage for referring to the 41-year-old as “Hollywood ancient,” contends that time has passed the actress by. Roberts broke the $20-million barrier for female actors when chick flicks were cinematic gold, but they’ve been usurped by Judd Aptow-esque male-bonding comedies. The privacy-shielding superstar has also refused to humour the paparazzi in an era in which “saturation media exposure has become the one-a-day vitamins of any healthy Hollywood career.” It ends on a forlorn note, quoting a line Roberts uttered playing major movie star Anna Scott in Notting Hill: “One day,” she says, wistfully, “not long from now, my looks will go, they will discover I can’t act and I will become some sad middle-aged woman who looks a bit like someone who was famous for a while.”


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