Ottawa: not sexy enough for tourists -

Ottawa: not sexy enough for tourists

Canadian Tourism Commission leaves out the capital on its list of recommended travel sites


The nation’s capital is nursing a bruised ego today as bloggers and citizens dissect why Ottawa was snubbed by a new Canadian Tourism Commission program. Ottawa was not included among the 48 “Signature Experiences” recommended by the CTC on a new list designed to tempt the business of high-end international travellers. The list includes experiences such as visiting Fort Henry in Kingston, Ont., touring wineries in Niagara, scouring for polar bears in Manitoba and touring Granville Market in Vancouver. “I can’t imagine the U.S. equivalent; leaving Washington off, or the U.K. equivalent leaving London off,” said Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. But as it turns out, Ottawa may still have a shot. The CTC has noted that they received 200 applications in the initial stages of the program, and they hope to expand the list to 100 places by the end of the year.

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