Is that pony stuck in the mud? Call 911!

Taxpayers spend thousands to rescue extra-short pony

Firefighters have been called for the fourth time to rescue a pony after townspeople thought it was stuck in the ground due to its stumpy legs, the Telegraph reports. A total of 12 firefighters, an animal rescue expert, two fire trucks and a special lifting vehicle all came to rescue the Shetland pony in Southampton, Eng., before realizing it was fine. In total, all four false rescues have cost taxpayers about 8,000 pounds. “We all inherit characteristics from our mother and father and sometimes something odd happens like this,” explained animal rescue expert Anton Phillips. “The pony is oddly shaped but it is fit and healthy and there is no reason to worry about it.” Sandra Whitcher, who owns the 12-year-old pony, which is named Mayflower, is thinking about posting a sign to let people know not to worry.  “We have had animal rescuers, the police and the fire brigade up here. When they get here Mayflower sees them and just runs off so they realise she’s not stuck at all,” says Whitcher. “The emergency services have been out so many times they must know the way by heart.”

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