Is Toronto a terrorist haven?

CSIS chief says those looking to acquire restricted materials are "very, very active in this area"

CSIS director Richard Fadden says his agency spends a lot of its time monitoring would-be terrorists “in the Toronto area” who are looking to amass weapons-related materials. “Toronto has more (of) the scientific, industrial, technological base than many other parts of Canada,” Fadden said in a recording by the Royal Canadian Military Institute and obtained by CTV News. “There are a lot of people who are very, very active in this area to try and acquire technology,” in defiance of international law. Fadden recently found himself in hot water after revealing CSIS was concerned about Canadian politicians falling under the sway of foreign government. In the recording, Canada’s spy chief expands on those comments to include even federal politicians. “Even more worrisome, and this is a new trend in Canada, are the growing number of instances, where attempts are being made to influence – surreptitiously, in secret, covertly – municipal, provincial and federal politicians,” he said.

CTV News