Is your child prone to ear infections? Get the flu vaccine. -

Is your child prone to ear infections? Get the flu vaccine.


There’s more evidence that the flu vaccine may be the way to go, as a New York Times blog today reports that some researchers believe that the nasal spray variety specifically will decrease the chance of ear infections in children.

While ear infections can happen during any season, they seem to spike during the cold and flu season. Infections of the nose or sinus can travel through the upper respiratory tract, which is directly linked to the middle ear.

Most children will experience at least one ear infection by the age of 8, and 25 per cent have chronic infections.

In a study of 24,000 children between the ages of six months and seven years, cases of ear infections were dramatically less in the children who received the FluMist vaccine over the placebo. And of the children who still contracted the flu, the ones who had taken FluMist had fewer ear infections.

This type of nasal spray vaccine, which was approved in Canada two years ago, seems to be more effective in children than the standard shot.

Of course, the flu vaccine isn’t just for kids. After all, new research shows that Canadians can cut their risk of getting sick enough for medical attention by getting the flu shot.


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