Israel blames Iran for attacks in India, Georgia -

Israel blames Iran for attacks in India, Georgia


The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has blamed Iran for two attacks against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia on Monday. In New Delhi, the wife of an Israeli embassy official and her driver were injured when a bomb attached to her car went off,  while in Tbilisi, a bomb attached to an Israeli embassy car was found and defused. Netanyahu said in a press conference that Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah were behind both incidents. While Netanyahu called Iran “the greatest exporter of terror in the world,” the Iranian regime denied the allegations, claiming they are part of a psychological war against Iran. An eyewitness to the Indian bombing reportedly saw a man on a motorcycle attach a magnetic device to the car involved in the New Delhi explosion on Monday, which happens to be the same modus operandi described in the recent killing of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, the Iranian nuclear scientist killed on January 11.

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