Japan’s stores begin rationing supplies

Canada joins other countries in stopping food imports

Radiation fears in Japan have prompted stores to ration supplies as some countries have halted food imports. The purchase of essentials such as milk, rice and toilet paper has been limited while supermarkets have sold out of water. Manufacturers and importers of bottled water have ramped up production to meet the increasing demand, and households with infants will get three half-litre bottles of water each. Water distribution centres have been established to provide children under a year old, after Japanese officials reported that radioactive iodine levels in tap water were considered unsafe for infants. Meanwhile, Canada, Australia and Singapore have joined a growing list of countries that have blocked food imports from Japan, but the overall impact on the Japanese economy is reported to be relatively small. Japan exported only $3.27 billion worth of food products in 2009, while it imported $53.5 billion.

CBC News

Wall Street Journal

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