Jarome Iginla moves on: 'I really do want to win a Stanley Cup'

Exit interview: 'Hockey goes fast, life goes fast,' Iginla says of career move

Iginla: ‘I do really want to win a Stanley Cup’

On his way to Pittsburgh, Jarome Iginla thanked Calgary for his 16-year stay. ‘I’ve grown up here,’ he said. While news of the trade continued to reverberate, some were still absorbing the news. The Bruins’ GM said he was sure Iginla was headed to Boston. Now … Pittsburgh hits Beantown April 19.

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Breaking news:
BREAKING NEWS: #Pens acquired Jarome Iginla from Calgary for Ben Hanowski, Kenny Agostino and 2013 first-round pickPittsburgh Penguins
After some confusion:
"We were told at noon yesterday that we’d won the Iginla sweepstakes" – Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli is NOT happy. <a href="" class=""></a>theScore
This Iginla deal/saga is one of the strangest stories in some time. Chiarelli says he had him at noon yesterday. Now he’s with Pitt. Odd.Dan Rosen
On Thursday morning in Calgary, Jerome Iginla held a press conference to discuss news of his trade to Pittsburgh:
Jarome Iginla greets the fans outside the Dome. #ThankYouIggy <a href="" class=""></a>Calgary Flames
On the air now with LIVE coverage of Jarome #Iginla’s media conference #TSN <a href="" class=""></a>Steve Argintaru
Watching Jarome Iginla’s press conference in Calgary. A display of what class, dignity, and humility looks like from an NHL hockey player.Terry DiMonte
"Thank you Calgary." – Jarome Iginla <a href="" class=""></a>Calgary Flames
The craziness of the Iginla Press Conference. #Iggy <a href="" class=""></a>Ryan Varty
"I want to say thank you to the fans in Calgary. I grew up here." – Jarome Iginla. #NHLTrade #Flames #PensNHL
Jarome Iginla press conference before heading to Pittsburgh!! <a href="" class=""></a>Cody Barrett
“The opportunity to go play on a team with the two best players in the world… as a player I wanted that opportunity.” – Iginla #NHLTradeNHL
“Hockey goes fast. Life goes fast. There are guys I’ll be friends with after we’re done playing.” – Iginla on CGY teammates. #NHLTradeNHL
One of Iginla’s fond memories is that when he and his wife were married, "We got to be in the paper." That’s pretty adorable, actually.Bruce Arthur
"I hope to play 5 more years … (the trade) makes me realize how fast the other 16 years have gone." – Jarome IginlaCalgary Flames
Jarome Iginla on chasing the Cup. “Each year that goes by you definitely feel a bit more urgency, and it is a dream for sure.” #NHLTradeNHL
"This is definitely mixed emotions. To leave is tough but I’m also excited about the opportunity to go to Pittsburgh." – Iginla #NHLTradeNHL
"I wish the #Flames the absolute best." – Jarome IginlaCalgary Flames
Can wrap up Iginla’s press conf. remarks in 3 words: "So long suckers!" (Ok – he said it classier) <a href="" class=""></a>Engelland’s Eye
OK, if we did post odds on Jarome Iginla’s press conference in Calgary, we’d have to set Tears at about -650. Over/under 12.5 thank yous.Sports Interaction
Iginla fans and teammates tweeted their reaction to the move:
I really am away and will fully be out if twitter range as of tomorrow, but … Jarome? Thanks for everything. Thanks for being you.Naheed Nenshi
Jarome Iginla is a class act, a proud Canadian, and an all-time Flames great.  Thanks for everything, Jarome. <a href="" class=""></a>Stephen Harper
"We will be friends forever." – Craig Conroy on IggyCalgary Flames
"There should be a statue out front some day." – Craig Conroy on Iggy <a href="" class=""></a>Calgary Flames
We lost a great Captain yesterday, the best all around player i’ve played with! You’ll be missed! Jarome Iginla is one great guy!steve begin
All the best and good luck to #Iggy! Tough to c him leave… Great guy who will be missed in the room! #classactMikael Backlund
Agree w/ @PMHarper You’re a class act Iggy! RT @NHLFlames: a look back @ Iggy’s finest moments~<a href="" class=""></a> #ThankYouIggypaulbrandt
Others just moved on … 
Looks good in black and gold! #NHLStore #Iginla <a href="" class=""></a>Dan Near
You know you are a liked and well respected guy when you get this after a trade. #Iginla #nhl #gogetit <a href="" class=""></a>Julie Garcia
The Penguins & Jarome Iginla play in Boston April 19.TSNquizmaster