John Furlong goes on the defensive over abuse allegations -

John Furlong goes on the defensive over abuse allegations


Facing an investigation into allegations of sexual and physical abuse, John Furlong denies all claims against him and says he plans on suing the Georgia Straight newspaper and reporter Laura Robinson for defamation.

Furlong, the head of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the executive chair of the Vancouver Whitecaps, and the head of Canada’s Own the Podium program, denies any wrongdoing.

The RCMP is continuing its investigation.

In a prepared statement, Furlong defended himself at a press conference. From the Ottawa Citizen:

“I have been accused of physical abuse and apparently within the last hour, sexual abuse. I want you to know I categorically deny absolutely any wrongdoing and I believe that the RCMP in looking into this matter will discredit the complaint entirely because it just did not happen.”

Furlong is accused of abusing students at a British Columbia school where he taught over 40 years ago. At least eight students have made allegations against him from his year of teaching physical education at the Immaculata Elementary school in Burns Lake, B.C., a Roman Catholic school.

Nuns and staff at the school are also accused of being physically and verbally abusive.

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