Jon & Kate plus 8—plus a mistress

Brother of alleged girlfriend “confirms” affair with reality TV dad

Allegations of an affair between Jon Gosselin, star of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Deanna Hummel, a 23-year-old teacher, have been “confirmed” by gossip hounds at US magazine. Hummel’s older brother Jason, who lives with her, told US, “She’s a nice girl, not a home wrecker. He is a bad liar. This isn’t healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself.” According to Jason, the couple met in mid-January at a
Pennsylvania bar, and Gosselin, a 32-year-old father of eight, has spent much of his time holed up in their house ever since. “How do I say this,” he said, “the walls are thin. Let’s just say that.”

Us Magazine