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Justin Bieber fans insult Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney fights back

Angry tweens flood Twitter after Grammy snub


Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney vs. Justin Bieber

Don’t knock The Biebs. That’s what Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney learned after suggesting that maybe Justin Bieber didn’t need another Grammy.

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Here’s the TMZ post-Grammy story that got the ball rolling. Though the headline proclaims that Carney says Bieber doesn’t deserve a Grammy, Carney doesn’t say this directly. Instead, when asked whether Bieber should get a Grammy he says: “Grammys are for like music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.”
The Black Keys Drummer Patrick Carney — Justin Bieber’s Rich … He Doesn’t Deserve GrammysJustin Bieber has no business winning Grammys — at least according to a guy who cleaned up at the award show last night … Patrick Carn…
Bieber replies on Tuesday.
the black keys drummer should be slapped around hahaJustin Bieber
And Carney really gets things going with a few emoticons.
:( RT @justinbieber: the black keys drummer should be slapped around hahaPat.r.ick
Here we go again. :(Pat.r.ick
:( RT @TrendsmapUSA: Pat.r.ick, @patrickcarney is now trending in United States http://trendsmap.com/usPat.r.ick
Then he does everyone on the Internet a favour by curating the best replies on his own Twitter feed, with some snarky comments added in for good measure.
I need to be bare butt spanked.Pat.r.ick
good one bud RT @conner_p_kelley: @patrickcarney hey man, are you considering coming out any time soon? Those glasses aren’t fooling anyone.Pat.r.ick
Very imaginative! keep it up! RT @releasethedrugs: @patrickcarney are you gay?Pat.r.ick
True. RT @Ross_Garfield: @patrickcarney You are some one hit wonder. JB has been doing it for YEARS.Pat.r.ick
I will and so will you one day. it’s kinda scary to think about isn’t it? RT @GomezIsShining: @patrickcarney just die.. DIEPat.r.ick
Trust me i literally am not. i literally would not be able to type. RT @_callmemaevey: lmao you’re literally a piece of shit @patrickcarneyPat.r.ick
If you feel like it then please do.RT @EuphoricBiebbs: @patrickcarney 95,000 followers. @justinbieber 34 million followers, need I say more?Pat.r.ick
So many thirsty Tweens.Pat.r.ick
On to Wednesday, it continues.
wait what? RT @izzahbelieber: "@ThisBieberMafia: @patrickcarney U sucks :("this is what happen if you mess with beliebers.Pat.r.ick
:) RT @joankarenina: @patrickcarney please, kill ur self :)Pat.r.ick
OKAY! RT @bungacllst: @patrickcarney hey old scary grandpa, FYI you are a bad drummer and YOU don’t deserve TO BE in the BAND, OKAY?Pat.r.ick
Like right now? RT @imshawtybiebers: i really wanna kill u @patrickcarney, NOW..!!Pat.r.ick
Thanks jesus. RT @luvbiebercrew: @patrickcarney You’re uglyPat.r.ick
Despite 34 million angry Twitter fans, not everyone was a hater.
14 years later and @patrickcarney is still getting bullied by kids in high school.Michael Carney
The Justin Bieber obsessed whoppers tweeting @patrickcarney are keeping me fully amused todayOlivia Fell
I love @patrickcarney. You’ve been making my day, one tweet at a time.Shafira Desliara
@patrickcarney is single handedly winning the Internet today! I love this man.Noelle Fox

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