Kazemi's son finds no satisfaction in jailing of Iranian prosecutor

MONTREAL – The son of Canadian Zahra Kazemi says he gets no satisfaction from the reported arrest of the former Iranian prosecutor who sent his mother to a prison where she was tortured and died.

Stephan Hashemi says Saeed Mortazavi is but a small fish in the repressive Iranian regime.

Iran’s Fars news agency has reported that Mortazavi was arrested this week and is being detained at Tehran’s Evin prison.

The notorious facility is where Kazemi spent the last agonizing days of her life in 2003.

Hashemi is suing the Iranian government in Canadian courts — a case that lists Mortazavi as one of those responsible for his mother’s death.

But Hashemi dismisses the ex-prosectuor’s reported arrest — saying it’s the regime torturing and killing people, not pawns like Mortazavi.

Kazemi was an Iranian-Canadian photojournalist who was beaten, raped and killed after being arrested for photographing wives of detainees outside Evin prison.