Ken Boessenkool "incident" involved female staffer -

Ken Boessenkool “incident” involved female staffer


Yesterday Premier Christy Clark announced that she would be replacing her chief of staff due to an “incident of concern.” The Vancouver Sun has learned that the “incident” involved a female staffer, and occurred in a bar in downtown Victoria. Clark says she fully investigated the matter, and only after hearing the entire story did she “make her decision quickly.”

Ken Boessenkool, a right-wing political operative from Calgary who Clark hired to help her win the next election, wrote in his resignation letter: “Earlier this month I was involved in an incident where I acted inappropriately. I was wrong, regretted my behaviour very much and immediately and unconditionally apologized… This (my resignation) will give me a chance to return to Calgary to be with my family—who I have also let down.”

Before he worked for Clark, Boessenkool was a senior adviser to Stephen Harper, as well as other right-wing politicians, including Preston Manning and Stockwell Day.

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