Khadr fires American lawyers

Canadian Guantanamo detainee set to go on trial Aug 10

Omar Khadr has fired his American lawyers, reportedly because he does not trust that they will represent him fairly. “We’re devastated, absolutely devastated by this. We cared deeply about Mr. Khadr,” said Washington attorney Barry Coburn, to the Toronto Star. Khadr’s legal team had been negotiating with the Pentagon a possible plea deal for months, but were unable to reach a consensus. If convicted, Khadr faces a life sentence. Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney said that Canadian-born Khadr feels that Canada has not come to his aid. The 23-year-old Guantanamo detainee was captured when he was 15 fighting in Afghanistan. Khadr’s last pre-trial is scheduled to begin Monday. His August 10 trial this summer will be the first war crimes trial under the Obama administration.

Toronto Star