Kids These Days: Former BC Premier edition -

Kids These Days: Former BC Premier edition


After QP today, Ujal Dosanjh rose on a point of order to say:

Mr. Speaker, I wish to inform you and the House that I inadvertently tweeted about matters that I ought not to have tweeted about. That is the proceedings in camera of the defence committee. That was an error on my part and that entry will be deleted at the earliest possible opportunity, which is right after I get out of here.

The CBC has details of the infraction here, plus video of the apology. But what it doesn’t catch is the Speaker’s answer which went something like this: ” I thank the honourable member. I assume that tweeting means it went on Twitter… I don’t know anything about that stuff…”

(Anyone have the exact quote from Milliken? It was priceless; as if “Twitter” was some crazy thing the kids are up to).

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