King of (post-mortem) Pop is back! -

King of (post-mortem) Pop is back!

Jackson estate signs record deal for unreleased tracks


Michael Jackson just signed a new long-term record deal with Sony, and will be releasing an album of never-before-heard songs in November. It’s true! Well, not MJ the man, but rather MJ the estate. The record-setting $250 million deal gives Sony the right to the star’s unreleased tracks, as well as the concert movie he was making at the time of his death in June. It also allows Sony to use Jackson’s music in video games, advertisements, DVDs, amusement park rides and elsewhere. Said Rob Stringer, chairman of Sony Music’s Columbia Epic Label Group: “We’re dedicated to protecting this icon’s legacy and we’re thrilled that we can continue to bring his music to the world for the foreseeable future.” Since his death, Jackson has sold 31 million albums. But will this post-mortem popularity endure? Here’s something to suggest that it might: Elvis Presley’s estate takes in between $50 million and $60 million a year.

The Guardian

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