King of the touch screen

Aaron Hutchins on John King's magic touch

The King of the touch screen

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Tracking the electoral vote count for the U.S. election can be tricky. Luckily, CNN’s John King was there with his touch screen. For many however, the moving map and changing predictions caused only confusion: 
John King at CNN is back on his multi-touch screen and Viz Engine to talk about exit poll results
CNN’s John King has altogether too many stats about how undefined people feel about nebulous things. #cstelectRoger Ebert
John King also has things to say about NE Ohio. #CLE #lovemycity Crosby
OK, John King is just showing off now.Jeff Passan
In fact, John King working the map became a reason to watch CNN over any other election coverage, partially for the jokes.
CNN’s Magic Map has just filed a harassment lawsuit against John King. #election2012Rex Huppke
Latest numbers at CNN: Romney – 82, Obama – 64, John King magic walls – 2.jian ghomeshi
If Romney wins then John King and The Magic Wall will have to cancel their wedding plans.Rob Tilberis
I bet John King really knows how to touch a woman, then slide her sideways, then touch her again.scottfeschuk
Judging by John King’s use of the touchscreen, he has no idea how to run a Princeton offense.Jason Taningco
However you fill out your touch screen power rankings, John King has to be #1. #CNNElectionTom Cooper
John King’s rules for using the big board: 1. Thoroughly wash and dry hands. 2. Touch with one finger at a time. 3. Never EVER say Joumanji.Matt Crossman
I bet John King is really good at Fruit Ninja.Jeff Passan
And John King’s right hand looks like an amputee’s prosthetic. Until it moves like a normal hand. Is he a robot?
My daughter says that John King needs to work on drawing circles.Jim Naureckas
John King has just disappeared into his video wall, Poltergeist style. Shamans needed.Arianna Huffington
Do you think there was a moment when John King was like: I’m going to be THE Touchscreen Guy!!Isabel Wilkinson
I was an engineering major — 21 units of math and physics, and I still can’t follow John King’s calculations at that CNN Board.Garry Shandling
I really love John King on magic board. I do. But when they go to him it’s usually code for "we got nothing left to report for now". #CNNjian ghomeshi
John King loves his touch screens. granato