Kings just starting to feel like princes in L.A.

Three in a row, a win away and all of a sudden the Kings are in “the buzz biz.”

With their team poised to sweep, what are fans in Los Angeles to make of it all?

Before you answer, “What fans?” consider the evidence, as documented by the Los Angeles Times.

Exhibit A: Drew Doughty. “We’re getting recognized everywhere we go, ” he told the paper. Plus the merchandise is moving.

“There’s tons of Kings gear,” the Kings defenceman said. “Tons of Kings hats.”

Of course, the Times also notes that even a game shy of the Cup, the Kings have a long way to go:

  • Local newscasters screw up players’ names.
  • Newscasts throw up the logo of the Sacramento Kings by mistake.
  • One newscaster said “ball” when he clearly meant “puck.”

None of it seems to matter to Doughty. “There are so many times when I hear people telling me it’s their first hockey game and they had so much fun,” he told David Wharton of the Times. “It’s great that we can kind of put L.A. on the map as a hockey city.”