Kissing couple to lunch with Tony Blair -

Kissing couple to lunch with Tony Blair

Agent hopes to net $10K endorsement with jewelry company


It seems everybody wants a piece of the famous kissing couple from Vancouver’s recent hockey riot, even the political elite. Tony Blair is slated to have lunch with them during their upcoming trip to Australia, according to the couple’s recently-hired agent, who also happens to also represent the former British prime minister. A photograph of Scott Jones kissing his girlfriend Alexandra Thomas as they lay on the pavement amidst the blazing violence of Vancouver’s riot has become an iconic image from the event. Jones, who is an aspiring comedian, and Thomas quickly hired an agent to help them handle public attention. The couple has already appeared on American and British breakfast television programs and has been interviewed by the CBC. Their agent says he’s already working on a $10,000 endorsement deal from an Australian-based jeweler.


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