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Kory Teneycke to return to Sun TV News

Right-wing TV venture set to launch in mid-March


Kory Teneycke is expected to return to the top job at Sun TV News, the right-leaning TV venture introduced by Quebecor last year, The Globe and Mail reports. The former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper abandoned the job in mid-September following a series of controversial events that arguably hindered the company’s chances of acquiring a federal broadcasting license (which it has since obtained). In particular, Teneycke embroiled himself in the controversy surrounding a petition against Sun TV News by Avaaz.org, in which several fake names appeared to be entered by a prankster. Teneycke used his Twitter account to announce that the culprit had been in touch, and that the “petition lacks basic controls.” Regarding his expected return, Teneycke declined comment. The network, which will feature right-wing personalities such as Ezra Levant, is set to launch in mid-March.

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