Ladies night at Stornoway -

Ladies night at Stornoway

In honour of International Women’s Day, Michael Ignatieff hosts a politically-packed reception at his home


Ladies night at StornowayIn honour of International Women’s Day, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and his wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar held a packed reception at Stornoway last night. Dozens of Liberal women MPs, senators and their supporters were on hand. As Ignatieff addressed the crowd from the stairs, Jean Augustine, the MP who held his Toronto riding prior, arrived at Stornoway with a loud knock at the door. She entered and said it was great to be invited but wished she had been given the address. “I was never in opposition when I was an MP,” she joked. “I don’t know where Stornoway is.” She then added the police don’t seem to know where Stornoway is either. (Photos and text by Capital Diarist Mitchel Raphael)


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