Larry Smith, Quote Machine

Without further ado, here are three recent statements from erstwhile Senator Larry Smith, who is running for the Conservatives in Lac-St-Louis.

You have to understand that I’ve worked very hard over my career and to do what I’m doing now I’m making a major, major concession in my lifestyle to even be a senator. […] In simple terms, he added, “the money I was earning in my last profession to where I would be in this profession is what I would call a dramatic, catastrophic pay cut. And I have a family — I have obligations.

-Smith on Power & Politics, Dec 22, 2010. (Senators earn $132,300 a year.)

[Gilles] Duceppe has protected the rights of francophones for years, but people want more than a protector. They want a man who develops opportunities for Quebecers, particularly those between 25 and 40.For that generation, the important thing is the world, not the protection of francophone Quebecers.

-Smith in a Le Devoir interview, March 29

If you look across the country, where the Conservatives have had strong representation, a lot of projects have taken place. But it’s normal that you are going to focus on the areas with the people that do support you. That’s part of political life.

-Smith to the Globe’s Les Perreaux, April 7

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