Latest Nanos numbers show NDP and Conservatives tied

Thomas Mulcair’s controversial comments on a possible case of Dutch disease in Canada have not hurt his party’s support across the country. At least that is what a Nanos poll released Friday indicates, says Nik Nanos, president of the polling firm.

According to the poll, the Conservatives and the NDP are in a dead heat, separated only by one tenth of a percentage point (0.1), which technically means the two parties are in a statistical tie for popular support. The biggest surprise in the results is that the 0.1 advantage belongs to Mulcair’s NDP, a lead the federal new democrats have taken for the first time in history.

From the Globe and Mail:

While the survey suggests that support for the New Democrats fell in the Prairie provinces during the time the comments about Dutch disease were in the news, support increased in British Columbia and Quebec and held steady elsewhere.

Quebec and British Columbia are two key provinces for the NDP, Mr. Nanos said. But the Prairies, he said, are not critical for the party to hold on to the job of Official Opposition and to be competitive nationally.