Lawrence Cannon named Canada's new ambassador to France

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon became the latest losing Tory to cash in Thursday, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper named him Canada’s new ambassador to France. Various Parliament Hill types tweeted the news in the early afternoon, with many pointing out just how great a gig losing as a Conservative has become.

“Lawrence Cannon becomes Ambassador to France,” wrote iPolitics’ Elizabeth Thompson. “Unemployment rate among defeated #CPC candidates continues to drop.”

“Lawrence Cannon as ambassador to France,” added Janice Tibbets, formerly of Postmedia News, “talk about coming out ahead after losing the election!!”

Our own Paul Wells, for one, was surprised by the news. “Trying to remember whom I assured that Cannon, a famous Pontiac homebody, didn’t want a foreign post and wouldn’t take one,” he tweeted. “I’m going to be gloated at. Sigh.”

Of course, no one here at would dream of gloating at Wells, our illustrious Political Editor. In fact, we were not entirely sure, until this moment, that gloating was something you did “at” people at all.