Liberal front-runner: Let's discuss Canada as more than dollars and cents -

Liberal front-runner: Let’s discuss Canada as more than dollars and cents


MONTREAL – The presumed front-runner to lead the pro-Canada forces in Quebec says it’s time to celebrate more than just the economic benefits of belonging to the country.

Philippe Couillard is one of three candidates vying to become the next leader of the provincial Liberals.

The former health minister says he wants to change the conversation of Quebec federalists from one of pure pragmatism to one that’s more idealistic about the country.

He says it’s wrong to let sovereigntists occupy the idealism terrain while federalists focus only on practical benefits.

All three leadership hopefuls expressed their admiration for the shared values between Canada and Quebec in interviews with The Canadian Press ahead of tomorrow’s English-language leadership debate.

Former finance minister Raymond Bachand says Quebecers have a deeply-rooted view within their identity that they are also Canadian.

Ex-transport minister Pierre Moreau says Quebec has common values with Canada like justice, openness and tolerance — but he also touts the merits of being linked to Canada’s strong economy.

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