Liberal insider leaked story of Layton's massage, says columnist

Story was shopped around in 2008

National Post columnist Jonathan Kay told the Montreal Gazette Sunday that it was a Liberal Party insider who leaked the story about Jack Layton’s 1996 interrogation by Toronto Police. Kay says he was approached by the insider with an Access To Information request for a police officer’s notes just two days before the 2008 vote. Kay could not verify the story at the time, so he didn’t make it public. Last week, Sun Media revealed that Jack Layton was quoted in a police officer’s notes as saying, “I was just getting a shiatsu,” after he was found naked during a raid at a “suspected Chinatown bawdy house.” Layton denies any wrongdoing. Marc Roy, a spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Canada, told the Gazette that his party had nothing to do with the leak.

Montreal Gazette