Liberals to defy prorogation

Opposition won’t let Harper take a break from the issues

Parliament may not be in session during the last week of January, but Liberal MPs will be in the House—or at least nearby. In a show of defiance of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue parliament until after the Olympics, the Liberals have announced they’ll show up to work anyway on Jan. 25, when parliament was originally scheduled to resume. The intention, they say, is to keep the spotlight on politics. According to Toronto Centre MP Bob Rae, “[Harper] can’t shut down the issues. He can’t stop people from asking questions about the Afghan detainee issue. He can’t stop people from asking questions about the budget. He can’t stop people from talking about politics.” Still, it remains to be seen how, exactly Liberal MPs plan to spent their time as their will be no Parliamentary sessions or committee meetings to attend.

Toronto Star

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