Libyan government accuses NATO of bombing civilians -

Libyan government accuses NATO of bombing civilians

Errant missile would be second deadly mistake in as many days


Libyan officials say an errant NATO missile killed another 15 civilians in Tripoli on Monday. The allegation comes just a day after the military alliance admitted a “weapons failure” led to civilian deaths this weekend, when a missile struck a residential neighbourhood in the capital. Government representatives took a BBC journalist to the site of Monday’s bombing, which pulverized a building. NATO says Monday’s strike hit “a key Gaddafi regime command and control node” and not a private residence, as Libya’s government claims. Still, the allegations of civilian threats are putting the credibility of the mission at stake, Italy’s foreign minister warned on Monday. “We are not properly informing [Libyan] public opinion which can’t compete with Col Gaddafi’s daily media propaganda,” Franco Frattini said, “and Nato needs to think about that.”

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