Lien placed on Saadi Gaddafi's Toronto condo

The son of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been seen dancing at expensive Niger restaurants, but he still hasn’t paid the fees for his luxury Toronto penthouse, the National Post reports.

Saadi Gaddafi hasn’t paid the fees for his $1.6-million penthouse on Toronto’s waterfront. Toronto Standard Condominium Corp. No. 1694 has filed a lien against Gaddafi’s condo for “unpaid common expenses in the amount of $4,431.” Gaddafi bought the apartment in 2008 during a visit to Canada.

“Saadi Gaddafi is not in a position at present to pay service charges because of his own impecunity. Were he to be able to pay outstanding fees he would only settle such debts with the approval of the relevant sanctions committee,” said Nick Kaufman, Gaddafi’s lawyer.

He says his client cannot pay his bills because of a resolution passed by the UN Security Council that froze his assets.