1. The Tories spent double what Baird said they did wrapping a GO train in propaganda

2. The Obama government is trying to help John Yoo out

3. Out-of-control monkey uprising at Yale

4. Bereft of ideas, Coke brings back those annoying polar bears

5. Authenticity Watch: Ancient surfboards:

Chad Marshall, a surfer in Malibu, Calif., known for his flamboyant longboard riding, said: “I like the friction-free vibe. I like that it slots you in that sweet spot on the wave.”

Another draw is the link to the sport’s early Polynesian history at a time when the surfing life has become heavily commercialized, and surfboards have become commodified.

The alaia provides a stripped down, back-to-the-roots alternative. They are to surfing what the fixed gear is to cycling or the bow and arrow are to hunting…