Hockey Night in Canada in Canada, circa 1980

What the NHL lockout has come to: CBC broadcasts 30-year-old hockey ... fans tweeting the game

Live on Twitter: Hockey Night in Canada, circa 1980

What the NHL lockout has come to: CBC broadcasts of 30-year-old hockey … fans tweeting the game

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Gretzky/Messier 1980 Oilers game on CBC. Yeessssss.Stevel Knievel
Look at that, the Leafs & Oilers are playing †
TO is up 1 – 0 on the Oilers. Goal by Vaive.Kevin Stapley
Classic NHL on CBC. Leafs with Rick Vaive et al VS the Oilers with a 19 year old Gretzky… #cantstopsmilingRandy Goulding
Reason says I should be watching the #WorldSeries but instead I’m watching Leafs / Oilers (1980) on CBC and cheering for Sittler & PalmateerBryn MacPhail
Enjoying Leafs vs Oilers classic HNIC 1982. Imagine, no ads on the boards.Mike Kierstead
I haven’t seen this 32 year old Leafs-Oilers game in at least a decade.Tobias Vaughn
Oilers tie it.Kevin Stapley
Proline ticket is looking pretty good! 1980 Toronto Maple Leafs just tied the 1980 Edmonton Oilers 4-4!Tyler Morrison
Watching the CBC classic game, Leafs v. Oilers from 1980, is like watching a game from the modern NHL in slow motion. #NHLRichard Cloutier
Im watchin the maple leafs vs oilers game from 1980 whoa wat a difference. Leafs actually used to score!Rachel Dix
Funny watching a NHL game from 1980…only half the players are wearing helmets! #OilersAdam Chalker
Very old hockey game Oilers – Leafs. Young Mark Messier #idolCaroline Simard
Goalies were SO bad back then. #oilersRob
Shitty haircut and a greasy mustache? You too can be on #HNIC, and play for the 80’s #Oilers.TJ Connors
Watching an Oilers-Leafs game from 1980. Gretzky with 6 points #ClassicNHLStephen Crøley
Eliza is watching her 1st hockey game with dad!! Classic #Leafs #Oilers on #HockeyNight. @NHLAlumni @tweeterjain Rodger
Little 1980 oilers action on hnic right now, defense was pretty brutal then #goalieswereworseHenry Thompson
Why am i watchug an oilers leafs game from 1980? ßraeden Hahmann
Lol Gretzky blows it by Palmeteer & commentator says "He didn’t see it cause it was behind him." #genius #Oilers #Leafs #HockeyNight #HNICSimply Steve
Oilers – Leafs 1980, is this the only NHL game ever with two number 99s on the ice?Julian
Lmao #Oilers are killing the #Leafs in this game. 8-5. When Mike Palmateer was bad he was bad in net for TO. lol #HockeyNight #YourPickSimply Steve