Lloyd Robertson calls it quits

The CTV anchor will step down in 2011, after sharing duties with his replacement

Lloyd Robertson, who has been the news anchorman of CTV since 1976, has announced his retirement. The Stratford native, who is 76, will be stepping down from CTV News With Lloyd Robertson next year. Robertson first came to national attention as a news broadcaster at the CBC; he was the host of The National in the early ’70s. At CTV, where he became sole anchor in 1983, he has announced most of the big events of the last 30 years. He was also parodied as the recurring character “Floyd Robertson” on the sketch comedy SCTV. CTV has already chosen Robertson’s replacement and plans to announce him or her soon; Robertson will share duties with his successor for the next year, before stepping down and moving on to other roles at CTV.

Toronto Star