MacKay says navy won’t be cut in half -

MacKay says navy won’t be cut in half

Defence minister denies that orders sent out by Vice-Admiral have been implemented


Following a report in the Ottawa Citizen based on a letter from Vice Admiral Dean McFadden that said funding cuts would slash navy operations in half, Defence Minister Peter MacKay is denying that the orders have become policy. “These operational decisions have not been taken,” he said, adding that, “we are going to have increased naval capability in the future as a result of the historic investments that we’re making in the Canadian navy.” However, the National Post reports that navy officers speaking off the record say the orders are already being followed. The letter, which was sent to navy staff on April 23, details a massive budget shortfall that is forcing a drastic reduction in the size of the Canadian fleet and the shuttering of the combat capabilities of many ship’s remaining in service. “The sheer percentage of the fleet that will be unavailable is staggering,” said Defence analyst Martin Shadwick. “It leaves the navy in the medium term with very limited capability.”

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