Maclean's nominated for 19 National Magazine Awards

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Maclean’s has been nominated for 19 National Magazine Awards, including Magazine Website of the Year, Tablet Magazine of the Year and Best Single Issue.

The nominations—particularly those related to coverage of the Ottawa shooting—reflect the work of the entire newsroom and its bureaus.

In fact, the newsroom had just sent Michael Petrou’s feature on Iraq (see nominations below) to the printers when news broke about the shooting at the National War Memorial. From an office in a building under lockdown, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau provided live, coherent and accurate multimedia coverage of the unfolding situation in and around Parliament Hill. As live coverage unfolded during the week that followed, Maclean’s simultaneously produced a breaking-news digital edition, a special edition radio show, a long-form, 6,000-word oral history of that day — as told by those who were there — and another edition of the magazine, which included the first in-depth investigation of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. Our work on the story continues.

Rogers publications, which include L’actualité, Sportsnet, Canadian Business and others alongside Maclean’s, earned a total of 87 nominations.

The winners will be announced at the 38th National Magazine Awards gala in Toronto on June 5.

The Maclean’s nominees are:

Magazine Website of the Year
Editor: Mark Stevenson
Editor: Sue Allan
Contributors: Lindsey Wiebe, Emily Senger, Nick Taylor-Vaisey, Adrian Lee and the Maclean’s newsroom

Tablet Magazine of the Year
The Ottawa Shooting: Bearing Witness
Editors: Sue Allan, Mark Stevenson, Alison Uncles
Art director: Stephen Gregory
Contributors: The Maclean’s newsroom

Best Single Issue
Ottawa Shooting Special Issue
Editors: Mark Stevenson, Alison Uncles
Art directors: Stephen Gregory, Andrew Tolson
Contributors: The Maclean’s newsroom

Editorial Package: Web
Bigstone’s Lost Opportunity
Editor: Jason Kirby
Contributors: Jessica Darmanin, Tamsin McMahon, Andrew Tolson, Michelle Turingan, Liz Shannon

Editorial Package: Print
Ottawa Shooting
Editor: Mark Stevenson
Contributors: Sue Allan, Genna Buck, John Geddes, Aaron Hutchins, Anne Kingston, Michael Petrou, Cormac MacSweeney, Julie Smyth, Nick Taylor-Vaisey, Paul Wells, Aaron Wherry and David Zelikovitz

Online Video
Canada in 2014: Yellowknife
Director: Andrew Tolson
Producer: Jessica Darmanin
Videographer: Chris Bolin
Video Editor: David Zelikovitz

Cool Jobs: Glass Blower
Director: Andrew Tolson
Producer: Jessica Darmanin
Videographer: Chris Bolin
Video Editor: Michelle Turingan

Ukraine in Crisis
Director: Andrew Tolson
Producer: Colin Campbell
Videographers: Marta Iwanek, Ed Ou, Yulia Kocherhan, Andrew Sorohan
Reporters: Michael Petrou, Katie Engelhart
Video Editor: David Zelikovitz

Best Short Feature
My hitchhiker, the Parliament Hill gunman
Michael Friscolanti

The Conservatives’ Weekend of Discontent
John Geddes

Arts & Entertainment
Writing the Stars
Brian D. Johnson

Emma Teitel

Harper to World: We are angry, and we have adjectives
Scott Feschuk

Politics & Public Interest
Inside Canada’s New War
Michael Petrou

Bigstone’s Lost Opportunity
Tamsin McMahon

The Untold Story of Keystone
Luiza Ch. Savage

“He’s turned into one of Canada’s most infamous antique thieves”
Aaron Hutchins

Photojournalism & Photo Essay
Liard River Hot Springs
Brett Gundlock

Prince Edward County
Jessica Darmanin

Of note
Former Maclean’s intern Genna Buck was nominated as Canada’s Best New Magazine Writer for her Maisonneuve feature, “Finding a Place,” which was also nominated in the Investigative Reporting category.

Maclean’s sister publication L’actualité received a nod in the Investigative Reporting and Politics & Public Interest categories for “Crimes sexuel dans l’armée,” by Alec Castonguay and Noémi Mercier. The article, translated into English, was a Maclean’s cover story in May. Read it here.

See the full list of nominees here.