Madoff accused of having an affair

Memoirist says she had a 20-year relationship with the disgraced investment advisor

Bernie Madoff may not only have been dodgy when it came to managing money. It’s being alleged that he wasn’t so honest when it came to his marriage, either. Sheryl Weinstein, the chief financial officer for Jewish volunteer organization Hadassah, which had millions invested with Madoff, claims in her memoir that she carried on an affair with the disgraced investment advisor. The affair between Madoff, who’s been married for nearly 50 years, and Weinstein, who’s been married for 37 years, “spanned 20 years” according to the book’s publisher. Madoff’s relationship with Hadassah, on the other hand, was a relatively short-lived one, even though the organization still had millions invested with him when his massive Ponzi scheme was uncovered; after investing $40 million with Madoff beginning in 1988, it stopped putting its money in his hands in 1997, the year Weinstein stopped working for Hadassah.

The New York Times