Bouquet toss sends man to hospital

And brings down a plane

The bride’s biggest mistake was trying to add a modern twist to an age-old custom: the bouquet toss. At a wedding in the Tuscan countryside, the bride decided she wanted to do something special with her bouquet—instead of simply tossing it into the crowd of gathered single ladies, like every other newly wed. So she asked Isidoro Pensieri to fly an ultra-light aircraft over the party, casting the flowers into the eager arms of an unmarried guest. Unfortunately for the pilot, no sooner were the flashy flowers tossed than they disappeared into the plane’s tail rotor, causing a motor explosion and pitching the aircraft into a downward dive. After just missing a hostel, the plane crashed to the ground. Pensiere is now recovering in a hospital in Pisa from serious facial and head injuries, as well as two broken legs.

The Guardian