Maybe if we don't mention Madoff, he never happened

There seems to be a new spirit of censorship over mention of the fund manager

In her first public address as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Schapiro never once uttered the name of alleged mega-fraudster Bernie Madoff, reports the Wall Street Journal.  Even odder, the new SEC boss has decided that her enforcement staff needs less, not more, supervision from the top at the very time lawmakers are puzzling out how the regulator ignored repeated warnings about Madoff dating back to the 1990s.  Schapiro’s careful avoidance of the M-word is consistent with a new spirit of censorship over mention of the former fund manager. Author Laurence Leamer told the New York Post he was invited to Manhattan’s Harmonie Club on March 5 to speak about his book, Madness Under the Royal Palms: Love and Death in Palm Beach, with one non-negotiable stipulation: Madoff’s name was not to be uttered for fear it would upset members who had lost money with the alleged Ponzi scammer. (He chose not to speak.)

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