McClintic's rage-filled letters shown to jury in Rafferty trial

McClintic had initially blamed Rafferty for the killing of Tori Stafford; she now says she was the killer

The defence in the trial of Michael Rafferty has began its cross-examination of Terry-Lynn McClintic, the 21-year-old serving a life sentence after pleading guilty to the first-degree murder of eight-year-old Victoria (Tori) Stafford in 2009.

McClintic is currently appearing in court as a witness for the Crown in the case against her ex-boyfriend, Michael Thomas Rafferty, for his alleged participation in the girl’s kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder.

According to the CBC, the jury learned yesterday that McClintic wrote aggressive letters while in jail in 2007 and 2008, including one where she stated, “I just want to bounce and go on a killing spree.”

McClintic’s testimony has become problematic, as the Globe and Mail reports. She said last week she was the one to inflict the fatal blows to Stafford, contradicting her first interview with police in which she blamed Rafferty. The court has accepted the video of that interview as evidence in the ongoing trial.