Meet Skirts

All right, so the Women’s News Blog is not entirely a new idea. There are others that have come before us—’s Broadsheet, and Slate’s The XX Factor, to name a couple of our favourites—that tackle all things girl (politics, culture, health, crockery) in smart, witty, thoughtful ways. But we’ve been passing around their blog posts and weighing in among ourselves for so long now, we figured the time had come to start one of our own. Besides, the Canadian woman’s experience is unique in its own ways. For one thing, we wear toques.

Our first step, of course, was to settle on a name for our blog. This is harder said than done. We wanted something that didn’t invoke reams of earnest windbaggery. For this reason, we avoided names like Herspective and Gynosaurus Rex. We decided not to go the feminine hygiene route either, even though feminine hygiene products are inherently funny, with their tabs and wings and promises of freshness. Cerebral Kotex—a brilliant suggestion from a friend—was off the list. Nor did we want to pretend to be any more edgy or grrlicious than we actually are. Chixx just sounded embarrassing.

We settled on Skirts. It just sort of fit (see?).

More to come…

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